ENGLISH BLOG MYP 5 Aug 2018- 2nd week


We began the new academic session by revisiting Key and Related Concepts pertaining to Language and Literature. We made connections between language and power and how language can be used to establish, exert and undermine power. We supported the learning by looking at different text types such as editorials, feature articles, blogs and speeches. We established the key terms for the unit and are aiming at their practical application.

SCIENCE Chemistry:  We discussed key concept, related concept, global context as well as the relevance of the statement of inquiry for our new unit in Chemistry, Organic chemistry. As a starter activity, we discussed different branches of Chemistry, what are organic compounds and how Chemistry and Biology are interrelated. We explored and learnt the reasons for carbon forming millions of compounds and thus, organic chemistry is treated as a separate branch of Chemistry. We discussed the term hydrocarbon and learnt their different types. We learnt a new term, functional group and analysed the same using examples.


Biology: We started the unit ‘Building Blocks’. The global context, key concept and the related concept were shared in the class. We reviewed the process of mitosis and endocrine system. We learned about the nervous system and discussed about the sense organs, receptors and the structure of neuron. We annotated the diagram of reflex arc and the neuron.


Physics:  We discussed inquiry and purpose of the new unit titled ‘Electromagnetism’. We worked in teams to inquire similarities and differences between electrical and magnetic fields. We represented the same with the help of a Venn diagram.


INDIVIDUALS & SOCIETIES We started the unit on Social and Civil Rights by examining key concept, related concepts and global context. We worked in groups to compare and contrast segregation and discrimination. We started the case study of civil rights movement in the USA and explored various stages of the civil rights movement till the passage of Voting Rights Bill of 1965.


MATHEMATICS (Standard) We were able to review our progress with an essential revision test. We also bridged our previous learning of the unit circle to the current unit Sinusoidal Curves. We drew the f(x) = a sin b(x-c) + d curve to understand various types of translations in graphs.


MATHEMATICS (Extended) We started the academic session with the revision of linear and quadratic functions. We discussed the applications of linear and quadratic functions with the help of graphs. We have started with our new unit ‘Sinusoidal Functions’ and understood the meaning of unit circle, graphing of quadratic, sine and cosine functions. We learned to dilate the graph with vertical and horizontal translations. We practiced variety of questions to understand transformation of graphs.


FRENCH And we are back to our French class! After a relaxing summer vacation, it is time to gear up and prepare ourselves for the final year of French assessment. Our first week started with an introduction to the criteria being assessed for bench marking assessment. In the second week, many skill-based activities were conducted to practice our communication skills such as creating a story in French, learning the vocabulary of web and technology and reading different texts as well as watching interactive videos. These activities have helped us to recapitulate our vocabulary and develop a clear understanding of the format of assessments.


SPANISH Brainstorming and scaffolding activities were conducted in the class. We discussed the benchmarking assessment which will be conducted next week. We revised two types of past tense in class and played some kahoot quizzes on the same.


HINDI We shared our summer vacation experiences and discussed about our areas of improvement, new terms related to the language and ATL skilsl.  We also had various activities like Just A Minute and Pahchan Kaun in our class which were helpful in developing our communication and collaboration skills. We also read various stories and articles during group reading activities.

Under SEL (social emotional learning), we made cards for our peers which helped us in understanding each other’s skills and positive aspects of personality.

We read the non-fiction travelogue article ‘Kothi Banal’ and discussed the vocabulary and issues mentioned in it.

We also discussed the essential agreements for our classes. This week, we also had our benchmarking assessments.


ICT We are working on a very interesting topic of ‘ Tourism’ and have started using our research skills to identify what kind of products we can create on tourism. Some of the questions we pondered upon:

Who could be our client or audience?

What could be the time required to create an app or a website on tourism?

We are brainstorming to develop research questions and perform authentic research on the information required.


We have started with our new unit ‘Creation to Evolution’. Main intent of this unit is to focus on exploring various design soft wares. We have started with the basic tools of Autodesk Revit software.